Muslim committee in India issues fatwa against Veena Malik

Veena Malik has been under huge controversies and guys, she loves to be under which is why she herself creates all this – just to grab the limelight. Following her nude photo shoot and the participation in the upcoming show ‘Swayamvar’, she has been under mammoth controversies. Now a Fatwa has been issued against her in India.

It has been learnt that The All India Muslim Tyohar Committee in Bhopal has eventually issued Fatwa against this super controversial actress Veena Malik. The fatwa was issued against her for her displaying the disregard towards the holy institution of Islam by inking a deal for her nikaah (marriage) on a national television.

Even it was seen that the channel has now withdrawn the publicity suddenly, the reason of the same has not come out yet. Malik has been in huge controversies due to her bold behavior in Bigg Boss Season 4 following by her dare to bare nude photo shoot and now the show Veena Ka Vivaah.

Rakhi Sawant recently blasted on her saying she disappeared due to get publicity

It was learnt that the issuance of fatwa happened after a number of complaints were received against the actress’ much bold actions. The Chairman of Majlis-e-Shura, Ausaf Shahmiri told to the media that they were receiving a number of complaints from the Muslim communities against this Pakistani actress and her bold activities in India. The reports said that the parents of the children showed concerns that the teenagers were getting wrong messages from the activities of Veena Malik.

Well, let’s see what happens after this fatwa. This is not the first time Malik received fatwa, earlier she had received it in Pakistan last year post Bigg Boss Season 4 in which she got much cosy with Ashmit Patel. The sources also claim that currently she is in live-in relationship with Ashmit Patel in Mumbai.

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