My body is a war zone: Amitabh day before surgery

The revered Shehenshah of Bollywood will be going under the surgeon’s knife to get treated for a nagging abdominal pain. The veteran actor and National Award winner has disclosed in his personal blog that he has been suffering from severe abdominal pain for quite some time and will be undergoing a surgery.

The surgery will be performed on the morning of this Saturday and though Mr. Bachchan hasn’t posted details about the exact nature of his ailment, he has pacified his anxious fans by mentioning that the surgery is an uncomplicated one. However, the actor is at an advanced age (he is 69) and the news has sent ripples of anxieties in the hearts of his legion of fans in both India and abroad.

The actor, who has been indefatigably working morning, noon & night even at this age, will be under medical care in the upcoming weeks. This is evident from his blog post where he writes, “The next few weeks shall be full of nothing else but the hospital and medical bulletins.”

Big B of Bollywood enjoys a massive fan following all over the globe. And whenever he goes into a hospital or falls ill, his millions of admirers unite in their conjoint effort to please the deities offering their selfless prayers & performing all sorts of rituals and ‘yajnas’. The most well-known incident of such a kind was observed during that cursed year of 1982 when an accident caused on the sets of ‘Coolie’ left the actor battling for life in hospital.

His recent brush with a surgery took place in 2005 when he underwent a complicated bowel operation. The actor has recently turned grandfather with his daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai giving birth to a beautiful baby girl last November.

The release quoted Amitabh as saying about his body: ‘It’s a war zone, my body… and one which has been through a great deal and still does.’

We hope & pray for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery for the man who is the Messiah of the entire film fraternity.

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