Nana Patekar is Ready to Direct his Second Film

A brilliant and a consummate actor, Nana Patekar is all set to direct a film. Years after he made his first film, Nana Patekar is getting ready to direct another film. Speaking about his plans just recently, Nana said, “I have already written the script. I can start my directorial venture any moment now. I would make my film my own way and I would be the last person to use gimmicks to sell my product.” While hinting the basic idea of his film, the director, who had earlier directed Prahaar, said, “It will be something like Ryan’s Daughter. Or may be like Roman Holiday. In Roman Holiday, the romance was between two people of the same age, but it won’t be so in my film.” It would be on the lines of the 1970s British film “Ryan’s Daughter” by director David Lean, says Nana.
“It’s like ‘Ryan’s Daughter’. It’s a simple, subtle love story. Here, the girl is 24 years old and the guy is in his 50s. The guy is not saying he loves her. He is rude and rowdy, being an ex-army. Yet he expresses his love in his own way,” said Nana. Asked if he is acting in the film too, he said, “I would be playing the old man. I haven’t decided on the actress. Lets see who would like to work with me.”
The lead male character of the film is around 50 years of age and the female is half that age. While he must be having in mind whom to cast in the role, Nana says he is yet to make a final decision in this regard. May be, like his last directorial venture, while Nana may cast the top name in the industry as the female lead, he may cast himself as the male lead of the film. Though the final star cast for Nana’s new film has not been finalized as yet, there are indications that it may feature the lead pair of Katrina Kaif and Nana himself.

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