Naseeruddin Shah agrees to do film at very low cost

Mumbai: Hardly there would be anyone who raises any finger on this super brilliant actor’s acting skills. He is laced with endless amount of talents. He possesses the ocean of brilliance. Utterly in love with theater and literature, this actor is simply breath-arresting. He is a legend and whatsoever role is given to him, he slips into the skin of the character to bring out the originality in the role. He was once the king of parallel cinema. He is none other than Naseeruddin Shah. Well, after learning the name, you must have understood that this man deserves more praises than the ones written above.

These days he is often seen in specially knitted roles as we all know that he is a true fit for the characters which are written specially and which need special attention. Once Naseer is offered the role, he then brings in the creativity in the role on screen which user would love to watch it.

Debutante director Manish Srivastav wrote a script of a film ‘Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein’ and he specially put Naseer into mind by the time he was writing the screenplay. He then approached to the actor and gave him the script to read. Once Naseeruddin Shah finished with the script, not only did he sign the movie but also agreed to do the film at very low fee. Reason? He loved the screenplay utterly. Besides the film carries the majority of the cast which belongs to theater. This also enticed the star. The film will be produced by Karan Arora of High Ground Enterprises Ltd. The movie is presently under production and will be released by early next year.

The debutante director got supremely impressed by the sweet gesture of the actor. Manish is so impressed by Naseer and he has been a fan of him since the days of his parallel movies.

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