Natalie Portman to take legal action against Saif Ali Khan

Mumbai: Few days back while being filled with the success of recently released Cocktail, Saif Ali Khan, the producer-actor of the film had announced in an interview that he signed Hollywood’s beautiful and Oscar Award winning actress Natalie Portman for his upcoming project. He even went in mentioning the film’s details saying it would be a rom com. Listening it from the mouth of the producer-actor (whose words have worth), the media adorned the news all over tagging it as a headline. The entire web got equipped with the news.

The man was enjoying the headlines and everything was apt as he had planned. But soon he had to face the music and at last spilled the beans that it was not true at all rather he cracked a joke. This is what happened that the news traveled all over to California at Natalie Portman’s abode who got annoyed hugely over all this bullshit.

Portman has now threatened to sue Saif Ali Khan and she has talked with her attorneys (as per reports) to take a legal action against the Bollywood star who is making false statements whereas he has neither approached her nor signed her in any movie.

As soon as Saif heard that Natalie learnt about his false statement of signing her in the movie and she was all set to launch a legal action against him, he instantly came into the media to tell that it was just a joke. Why this joke? We are completely unable to understand your joke, Mr. Saif? Could you please clarify it? And why you are telling now that it was a joke when Natalie Portman has decided to take legal action against you? He even mentioned that he had started making stories to entertain himself (which was why he cracked this joke). If you want to entertain yourself then why to take advantage of the media? The use of media has to be for good not for jokes. Media must take a stand over it.

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