Nevaan Nigam, Sonu Nigam’s 4-year-old son, renders Kolaveri Di

The classy with electrifyingly soothing voice singer, Sonu Nigam, who is India’s top notch internationally famed vocalist, is the one who the younger lot and the upcoming singers follow. Nigam has his own class and how brilliantly he modulates the vocals is his forte! His gigs are always loved to watch. Sonu Nigam is among those vocalists who are all the time busy doing concerts in the world, equipped with endless amount of assignments of playback singing and the works to judge the new talents. His international collaborations make him more strapping in the field.

He not only renders the lines of songs in Hindi but also showcases his expertise in singing in other languages as well. The magical voice of the maestro instantly captures the soul and one unknowingly and automatically starts getting dragged towards the rendition. Which song, Nigam trills, it turns out to be mellifluous and that’s the beauty of this superb vocalist. He has worked so far all the leading musicians and the lyricists of Bollywood and the interesting thing is that all show their confidence in the man.

Well, now the brilliant singer has brought his little soul (his sweet little son) Nevaan Nigam in the field of singing. Nevaan has recently sung the today’s most popular song, ‘Kolaveri Di’, which video has been enticing the music lovers online. The fame of the Kolaveri Di song rendered by junior Nigam has been going upwards and upwards day by day. The fan following is being increased for the 4 years old Sonu Nigam’s son.

In the visuals of the video, Nevaan is looking so cute singing the track titled ‘milk version of Kolaveri Di’. The visuals shows his mom (Sonu’s wife) Madhurima and Sonu Nigam encouraging the little soul. Madhurima has also done the editing for the track.

Dhanush has sung the original version ‘Kolaveri Di’ that has become the nation’s hot favorite. Dhanush loved the singing of Neevan and liked the efforts of Sonu.

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