New valentine couples: Deepika-Nihar, Siddharth- Sonam

Siddharth Mallya is now wooing actress Sonam Kapoor. Not so long ago, Siddharth had said that he feels Sonam is the most stylish star in Bollywood. On the other hand,Deepeka Padukone, the demure damsel with endless legs and smoldering body seems to be on a dating spree. Her love life always seems to be in trouble or may be, she doesn’t like to pause to one boyfriend for a very long time and prefers to look ahead to see what other pleasures the world has to offer.

So, exit Siddharth Mallay and his liquor factory! And welcome a new boyfriend! Only that this new boyfriend happens to be one of her former flames. You may not have heard of Nihar Pandya since he is not a big face of Bollywood. Besides, Deepika was dating the guy during the initial phase of her career and not much has been written about the two. But while the likes of Ranbir, Yuvraj and Siddharth came and went, Nihar seems to have made a strong comeback.

Reports are rife that Deepika Padukone has pulled a reverse gear on her love car and drove back to her ex crush Mr. Nihar Pandya who falls in the category of a model-cum-struggling actor. Deepika used to date him before her Bollywood career took off and later brushed him aside as a mere ‘good friend’.

Though, Deepika was spotted with Nihar on a few occasions during her ‘Om Shanti Om’ days, she showed little interest in him at the time since she was completely smitten under the spell of her then-lover Ranbir Kapoor. Later on, she had a bitter split with the ‘Rockstar’ actor and fell into the arms of Yuvraaj Singh before knocking at the doors of Vijay Mallaya’s million dollar baby.

But now that she has broken up (her umpteenth ‘break up’) with Siddharth, she is being spotted with Nihar again. And, of course, the greedy, cunning media is happily playing the matchmaking.  So, all hail Deepika, whose CV proudly boasts of more number of boyfriends than films!

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