Niharika Singh super excited to attend Cannes for Miss Lovely

Mumbai: The very gorgeous-stylish and curvy Miss India Erath 2005, Niharika Singh is all set to ignite the red carpet of the upcoming Cannes Film Festival as her movie ‘Miss Lovely’ has been chosen for the festival.

Niharika says that her grooming for the beauty pageant conferred her with the utter confidence to zero in a powerful movie like ‘Miss Lovely’, which is India’s official entry to the festival this year. Niharika is very excited about her film’s being chosen for the Cannes Film Festival and she is super thrilled about the fact that she is actually going to attend the film festival of international repute. She is these days making plans of what to wear at the red carpet.

About the film, Singh says that the first time she heard the script, she was like shivering since the script was super powerful and she was thinking whether she would be able to doll it up. She reveals that there were fewer people who were laced with the apprehensions about her enacting in the film which dealt with C-grade film fraternity but she had confidence in the director and his genius of filmmaking. Niharika goes on saying that her year-long training of Miss India gave her the confidence thus it was her confidence which took her to sign the movie and the result is now dished out for everyone.

There is no character of Miss Lovely in the film, as the title suggests rather Niharika Singh plays the character which name is Pinky. The film talks about the story of two brothers who churns out horror movies in mid-80s era.

Niharika had a contract of ten films with Raj Kanwar but it did not happen even till his death (he passed away in recent past). Then she did the leading role opposite Himesh Reshammiya in the movie ‘A New Love Issshtory’ made by John Mathew Matthan. The film did not see the release. It got shelved. She also did a Kannada movie that too got shelved. Miss Lovely is the only one that saw the light of the day. Niharika is going to wear sari on the red carpet and gowns on the rest of the events at Cannes.

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