No cctv footage of saif brawl case

Investigators in the recent case filed against Saif Ali Khan are disappointed. They had put all their hopes on the CCTV footage to use it as evidence while investigating the case. But police revealed that there were no video cameras installed in the area of the luxury hotel where the brawl had taken place.

The 41 year old actor has been alleged for assaulting a South African businessman, Iqbal Sharma, at a restaurant in Taj Hotel. As reported, the actor said that he was sorry for what ever happened that night and he cleared that the midnight brawl was not a publicity stunt.

An investigating officer at the Colaba police station said, “Though Saif and his lawyer have been claiming the complainant Iqbal Sharma made provocative statements or rather used abusive language against women the actor and this led to the ruckus, there were no CCTVs installed at the place where the actor had allegedly punched the complaint on the nose.” He further added, “We could have made a strong case if we would have had the footage showing Saif hitting the complainant.”

The actor was arrested last night and was released by the Colaba Police on bail. He has been charged of assaulting Iqbal Sharma, a South African Businessman of Indian origin, who had raised voice against the actor for the unaccepted act at Wasabi Restaurant. The police sources reported that till now the statements of eight persons have been recorded which included Iqbal and his family persons only. No other person than these had come forward to claim that the actor was involved in the Tuesday midnight brawl. Last night Saif said, “”I was hit first. And as shocking as it may seem, the elderly gentleman hit me. I’m not sure what provoked him. I was only defending myself. I don’t think any gentleman would have behaved any differently than what I did. I am confident that justice will be done. I think they (police) have the CCTV footage from the restaurant and that will prove everything.” The actor has filed a counter complaint with the police. While speaking to reporters on the incident, Saif said, “This is not a publicity stunt (for the film). I hope this matter gets sorted out soon.”




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