No one recognized Vidya!

Kolkota did not care about a pregnant traveling in a tram after strolling down the streets. Surprising that people there couldn’t recognize their favorite star and last year’s sensation. She is none other than Vidya Balan the traditional bollywood beauty who turned hot bomb with ‘Dirty Picture’.  Vidya Balan has become pregnant for her new film ‘Kahaani’. The film is directed by Sujoy Ghosh in which Vidya is playing the role of Bagchi. Prior to the commencement of shooting of the film, Sujoy Ghosh did a test shoot to do a reality check and to his complete surprise, none of the people recognized pregnant Vidya walking past them.

Stunned director Sujay says “We just left her loose on the streets of Kolkata. She climbed into a tram, but surprisingly, the passengers didn’t recognize her. They actually got up to let her sit. I have to say it was a quick process, and it worked,”. Sujay further said “We did that at the spur of the moment. Thinking about it now, we wonder had people recognized her, she would’ve probably been mobbed. We didn’t even have any security back then.”  The film ‘Kahaani’ is all about a pregnant woman searching for her lost husband in the busy streets of Kolkota. Sharing more thoughts about ‘Kahaani’ and his heroine Vidya, he says “It was first Vidya and then Kahaani. It was natural progression.”

Sujay is so much fascinated with the film, he with twinkle in his eyes say “This aspect of a woman has always fascinated me. A mother would do anything to protect her child,” He also roped in Big B Amitabh Bachchan sing a great poet and son of the soil Rabindranath’s composition for the film and talking more about that he shares “The songs will be used to meet the demands of the script. We won’t use too many of them, though. Tagore has written songs for every situation, but not every corner of the country will understand or take interest in Rabindra Sangeet,” He decided not to overdo the film with Bengali songs after he already made Amitabh Bachchan sing a Rabindra Sangeet Ekla Chalo Re… for the film.

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