Notice issued to Colors TV

Colors TV channel received some bad news just today. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry issued a show cause notice, as excessive violence was depicted in against women. It all happened in the “Rishton Se Badi Paratha” show. The theme of the show was murders of honor.

An official statement from the ministry informs that the show had denigrated women and their image. Colors channel was given seven days to respond to the show cause notice. The official spokesperson of the ministry added that during the show, material that presented women being tortured and explicit violence against them was telecasted, denigrating the image of women and reducing their integrity.

The two episodes were telecasted on December 21st and 22nd, and based on them, an official evaluation was done.

In response, spokespersons from the channel declared to the media that there has not been any notice of any sort issued against them so far, or at least not to their knowledge. They did, however, promise they would comment once the notice will be received.

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