Police arrests 2 people, 30,000 CDs confiscated

An action against pirated CDs planned by the police for some time now finally showed results. And what results!

A shocking number of 30,000 DVDs and VCDs were confiscated. The CDs were showing some of the latest films that were produced by Hollywood and Bollywood. Some of the CDs contained the films “Tees Maar Khan” and “Toopur Ka Super Hero”, which have just been released on Christmas Day.

The police made this impressive capture in south Delhi, and after catching them in the act, two people were arrested. The announcement was made by the police on Wednesday, and the spokesperson gave some details on the mater.

It seems that the police have acted on a tip from a company, which said that the two persons, who are now in custody, were involved in manufacturing and selling CDs, DVDs and VCDs, as well as faking inlay cards.

Following this tip, the police raided a shop on Monday, in Lajpat Nagar. The names of the two have not been released, but the police did state that they were involved in this illegal business for some time now.

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