Preity Zinta eventually agrees promoting film with Shiney Ahuja

Mumbai: Shiney Ahuja, the actor in troubles and controversies post his arrest in housemaid’s rape case, is the one actor the leading brigade of the Bollywood beauties become hesitant in working and promoting the flicks with him. Preity Zinta too was hesitant to promote Har pall with Shiney but now she has given her consent to do it with Ahuja.

Shiney confirms the news that Preity is ready for promoting the movie with him. He explains that both he and Zinta will be out for the promotion of Har Pall in May or June this year. Since Preity would be busy with IPL thus they have to wait till summer.

He revealed that there was no problem at all with him or Preity for working and promoting the movie together. Shiney said that Preity was a real pal and a good gal. Ahuja expressed by the time he was under legal problems, she had sent him the message for her support. Shiney further added that he and Zinta had ended up with the dubbing of the film.

There are speculations that the filmmakers of Shiney stalled movies are now waiting for this film’s release to start working with him since they had no confidence in him due to his bad repute among the masses after the rape case. But the actor denied all reports saying there was nothing of this sort. He uttered that people would not come out to watch his movies out of sympathy or dislike rather they would watch the movies since they liked him.

On the question whether his leading ladies are hesitant to work with him, he says that it is not the case at all – all of his leading women in movies from Sushmita to Preity Zinta to Kangna Ranaut, all are supportive and would like to work with him in the films.

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