Preity Zinta says size choices are personal matters

Mumbai: Preity Zinta, the dimpled beauty and the ravishing actress of Hindi cinema, is called the vivaciously bubbly lass of Bollywood. She is the one who is quite friendly and in her company, people find comfort always. Zinta, the fittest and glamorous actress, says there is nothing wrong at all in having a curvaceous body structure. Preity utters that size issues are strictly personal choices and she openly supports the voluptuous Vidya Balan for her widely showing off body curves in The Dirty Picture. She has really set the new trends in Hindi film industry.

The bubbly actress goes on mentioning that Vidya is a fabulous and fantastic actress of present Bollywood time. Preity then adds that there is always a rule that takes one to lead and the rest to follow. Now the choice is in your hand whether you are to be a leader or a follower. She was talking to the media at the launch of the book ‘Eat Delete’ by the diet expert Pooja Makhija.

Zinta expresses that one there is a person with size zero and if the ten people would like becoming size zero, it is then a different thing. If there is anyone with size 10 or 12 and people would like to be size 10, then it’s a different thing.

In The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan had done the role of the southern sexy siren Silk Smitha and doing so, she had showed off her sexy curves in the movie. Preity likes her flaunting of the curves and she says she is brilliant actress and has turned out to be a leader and the actresses are now following her.

Preity says that she really feels much bad for those people who follow the diet plan that they will look like that particular celeb if they eat like her/him. She reveals that no one cannot look like anyone else.

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