Preity Zinta’s ankle twists after shutterbugs attack her at airport

Mumbai: Preity Zinta, the dimpled beauty of Bollywood trade, has well been in news since the day she announced her maiden production ‘Ishk in Paris’. The film has also been getting handsome news. Preity is essaying the role of a leading lady in the movie as well along with other leading stars – one of them is from France. The movie has been shot in Paris and some other locales of Europe. Preity Zinta is quite excited about her comeback to Bollywood as an actress and the most enticing thing for her is that she is going to make her debut as a producer in films.

Preity has returned from Paris and she came recently. Upon her arrival, the gorgeous babe twisted her ankle while avoiding paparazzi at the airport in Mumbai. This is what happened that by the time Zinta landed on the airport, the photographers gathered like crazy. When she came out of the airport, the shutterbugs simply attacked her. To avoid them, she covered her face but since the raining was happening, she slipped and twisted her ankle.

Tweeting to fans, Preity says that she is sitting at home because of her twisted ankle that happened due to the assault by the media at the airport. She further tells that first she shot the whole night then boarded on the plane and eventually got pushed. While coming from Paris, Zinta, 37, was hiding her face from the media. She says that she was hiding her face to avoid the camera flashes.

She adds that there were more than 40 cameras following her at the airport and she was avoiding them and in this avoidance, she slipped due to rains in Mumbai and eventually twisted her ankle. Preity warns that if this sort of thing happens next time, she will attack to the photographers or file the complaint to the police.

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