Priyanka Chopra does an item number in Deewana Mein Deewana

Mumbai: Deewana Mein Deewana is the flick, the dusky and sultry desi girl Priyanka Chopra is waiting for. Why the wait? Because she has done the venture and above all she has shaken her sexy hips on an item number in this song. This specially churned out item number will hopefully play the lucrative move in her already established career. The film has been produced by renowned filmmaker K C Bokadia. It has been learnt that Chopra has done every kind of help she could in this film.

The sources reveal that Priyanka’s item song is a new adaptation of the much hummable and popular Punjabi folk song ‘Kala Doriya’. Sunidhi Chauhan has rendered the track with her electrifying vocals and Illa Arun has given her support in the song. K C Bokadia utters that God has been much kind to him in his career. He says that every producer faces the ups and downs in career and he has faced too as well. About Priyanka’s help, he reveals that Ms. Chopra is really a gem of an actress. He adds that she has offered him help in every possible way. He shows his certainty of the song’s success by saying that the song will flaunt Priyanka as a great dancer and it will help her career get a big boost. He assures that the song will do with Chopra’s reputation as a dancer as his song ‘Gori Hain Kalaiyan’ (Aaj Ka Arjun) had done with Jaya Prada’s career.

He reminds of the past days when he made Pyaar Jhukta Nahin with Mithun Chakarborty and people and distributors in particular had gone against him saying Mithun was just a disco dancer. But Bokadia had faith in the actor’s skills and he made a romantic film with him. The movie went for 50 weeks and every mouth got shut. And now with Deewana Mein Deewana, he sees the big success.

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