Priyanka Chopra feels hestitant talking about Shah Rukh Khan

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan’s link up has obtained tremendous coverage and whether there is any truth behind the reports or they are just rumors, the fact of the matter is that the trio of Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan and Priyanka Chopra suffered a lot. The trio got disturbed and their relationship shook a lot that they do not share any friendly relationship now. Gauri and Priyanka are even reportedly not on talking terms. But recent reports say that with the efforts of the close pals, the two ladies have now patched up.

Now if you talk about Shah Rukh Khan in front of Priyanka, she will not chip in any word about the actor since the fear of the media reports has surtrounded the actress. There are also reports which say that the stars wives now do not allow their hubbies to work with her in any film or perform with her at any event.

When asked her about it, she responds that she does not bother if any star wive asks her husband not to work with her. Chopra says that she has made her career in Bollywood on her own and she does not have any Godfather in the industry. Priyanka goes on saying that the life she has lived up so far she is proud of it. Thus she does not care about any rumors.

When asked about Shah Rukh Khan and her link up with him, she responds that she does not want to talk about him. She mentions that she has always idloized and respected him a lot.

Priyanka Chopra is also working with Hrithik Roshan in Kkrsih 3 and reports say that Suzzane Roshan too is much careful for her husband Hrithik in presence of Priyanka on the sets. Priyanka is now waiting for her movie ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ to be released on June 22nd.

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