Priyanka Chopra off to LA, Ameesha Patel excited for new jewelry ad

Mumbai: Piggy Chops, as she is called with love inside the movie circles and among her fans, is fluttering her wings high these days. She is tasting international success nowadays with her international album. It has been learnt that Priyanka Chopra will not be celebrating the Diwali this year along with her family members as she will be in LA.

The reports have it that Priyanka will be in Los Angeles for her work commitments and they will keep her away from the family by the time Diwali arrives. Well, it is seen that work commitments keep all the stars much busy and prior commitments obviously leave no choice at all for them. Piggy Chops too is facing the same these days.

She is now off to LA for working on her singing album. About Diwali’s celebrations, Chopra says that every year at her home on Diwali, she is given the responsibility of lightening the diyas and making rangoli. She then adds unfortunately this Diwali she will not be the part of the Diwali celebrations to take place at her home. She says that it will be sad but work is work after all.

Prior to the release of her first song for her debut album, the dusky actress had gone for the vocal training session held in Los Angeles. These training sessions have developed her singing skills more.

On the contrary, we have learnt that the sexy actress Ameesha Patel is going to sport an Indian look for her upcoming jewelry ad. She recently endorsed a sunglass brand and now she has inked a deal with a jewelry brand. She is much excited for the upcoming ad.

Her last ad for sunglasses was adored and appreciated a lot by the masses and even the industry insiders. Now she is waiting for her upcoming ad anxiously.

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