Priyanka Chopra’s single ‘In My City’ geared up for launch

Mumbai: The sultry woman of the Indian tinsel town, Priyanka Chopra, the most ravishingly dusky beauty who is a brilliant actress and who is laced with the charms which simply slaughter the men, is now all geared up to add another luminous feather to her repertoire. Yes, the babe is all set to launch her music career by introducing her singing to the world. Priyanka has turned singer and her single will be launched within next few days.

These days she is busy with the promotional works for her upcoming film ‘Barfi’ starring Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and south siren Ileana in main leads.  Chopra wants the best from the promotions and she is bound to be at the promotional works, thus she is engaged here in India and cannot take time for her music album’s release to stay in the U.S. But this does not matter to her at all since she has done all the required work for the single back in the U.S. She is now just waiting for the release.

Her first single ‘In My City’ has really thrilled the actress and she is super anxious to see it happens soon. Talking about her musical work, Priyanka says that she wants her music to be laced with Indian roots but at the same time has global appeal which it surely has.

She goes on saying that she really does not like her music to be region specific but yes she wants it to be swathed with global feel so that all and sundry could listen and enjoy worldwide. She wants her music to be like Shakira. The sources reveal that Chopra’s single will feature and it will be launched at the National Football League kickoff.

The track’s video has specially been picturised for NFL. On Thursday, 13th September on Kickoff of NFL, the single will be launched (as per the sources). Priyanka and will have both been featured in the visual of this single.

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