Rajesh Khanna’s house in Burewala, Pakistan

Burewala: The superstar has passed away but now a new debate has emerged on the scene. Across the borders (in Pakistan), the fans of Rajesh Khanna say that the actor was born in Burewala (a city of district Vehari) in 1942. Whereas in India, people believe that he was born in Amritsar. The house, where the Pakistani people believe the actor was born in, is being visited heavily by Khanna’s enthusiasts fans post his death. The masses in the city are paying tribute to the departed actor by visiting the house and gathering there. The reports say that the area people are going to conduct a film festival in memory of the great superstar who was equally lovable to Pakistanis as well as to Indians.

The Pakistani nation too is in deep sadness after learning the legendary actor’s death. He was such a fine actor who had the potential to instantly win the hearts of the audiences.

The oldies in Burewala say that Khanna was born here at the house they pointed out to the media. They say he spent around five years at this two storey house. The residents of the area reveal that Rajesh Khanna’s house which was constructed in 1935 is still intact. The house, which is located on Delhi-Multan Road in H-Block, still has ‘Jatin Bhawan’ engraved in Hindi at the entrance of the house. The house too carries few lines of Gayatri Mantra.

The area people say that whenever they receive any Indians here, they take them to Rajesh Khanna’s house to witness it. The people over there say that they are so proud of the actor and it is a big pride that he was born in this area. According to the locals, the actor studied for two years at MC Model High School in Burewala. Thus by the time Khanna’s last rites happened in Mumbai, people of Burewala gathered at the school to conduct a condolence meeting. Residents say that Rajesh’s father Lala Hiranand Khanna was the headmaster of this school for 16 years during 1931 and 1947  and also the founder member of this institute.

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