Ram Gopal Verma: I am impulsive

Mumbai: The well known Bollywood film maker, none other than Ram Gopal Verma has said in a recent statement that he admits he is a rather impulsive film maker. Many of you may consider that he has not done such a great job by giving movie productions such as Satya, Company or Rangeela, and this could explain all of that.

The movie maker, who is very famous due to his reputation of producing some of the most experimental films in tinsel town has agreed that he has the habit of taking rather impulsive calls. “I’m impulsive and make decisions very fast. I would prefer to go wrong than wait endlessly,” said the maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma.

Many voices from the film industry of B-town have said why the director doe not usually work established stars. However, we have to say that the producer is not at all interested in what certain people have to say about him and he strongly believes that the best way to go is by casting actors who best fit the requirements of the script.

“It’s not a fact that I don’t like to work with so-called established actors. But my nature is such that I get thrilled by a story. If I believe of an idea today, I want to make it the following day. After that I start searching for stars that could fit the bill. But in today’s time, the typical actors come with a definite baggage, which is good for them of course, but that kind of cinema is diverse. I don’t make that sort of cinema,” said the famous director Ram Gopal Verma.

As for his current projects, the film producer is apparently busy with his forthcoming movie production called ‘Department’ which features actors Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt, alongside south sensation Rana Daggubati.

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