Ramesh Taurani files lawsuit against Deepika Padukone

Mumbai: At last Deepika Padukone has been sued by the filmmaker Ramesh Taurani, the producer of the film ‘Race 2’. Deepika left the project after shooting for six days all of a sudden and went for signing up a Hollywood venture. This irked the producer and he termed her ‘unprofessional’ and ‘unethical’ besides issuing a statement against the actress. But this all did not satisfy the producer and finally he went for his last action ‘lawsuit’. Ramesh Taurani has now filed the lawsuit with CINTAA (Cine & TV Artistes Association) against Deepika Padukone.

The association has quickly sent the message to the actress and let her know about the lawsuit filed by Mr. Taurani against her. A close source of Ramesh Taurani uttered that he did not like to fil the complaint against Deepika at all but since he gave her time to return to the project but she did not return. Thus as a final solution, he then filed the complaint against her.

The rules of the CINTAA say that if any artist does not respond to the complaint filed, the case is then forwarded to the next level called FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees). If then, the artist does not respond, he/she will then have to face the NCD (Non-Cooperation Directive).  Pahlaj Nihlani revealed about the procedure, saying, if Deepika has a contract with Taurani then she is in trouble since she would have to honor it by obliging the dates given to the producer. And if she has to work on the same dates given to Hollywood producer or any other then she cannot shoot with other one as per the rules.

But Deepika’s close pal reveals that she does not have any kind of contract at all. The paper she was provided by Ramesh Taurani to her carried only the date of film’s completion i.e. September 2011. The friend went on saying that today is February now, how can Ramesh claim now and why he is generating the controversy now? The friend also revealed that she would never ever return to Taurani’s project but she would certainly present her case to the association.

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