Ranveer Singh sings love songs for Sonakshi, she blushes

The ripple have been making waves that Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha have been dating and these rumors can best be believed that Sonakshi has many a time showed her wish to date with this macho guy. And even Ranveer’s ex Anushka, after learning her desire, have offered her to freely date him as she has left the man.

Both Ranveer and Sonakshi were there at the launch of the newest production abode, Phantom in Mumbai lately. They made it utterly sure that they were capturing the whole attention of the media and the people out there.

Ranveer quite romantically became a true lover on stage there and sang the popular romantic song ‘Tere Naam’ for her that appealed to her the most and she blushed on the lines.

Sonakshi made the stage appearance there wearing the orange saree, she was looking damn hot and Ranveer made his entry in true superstar style on heavy bike.

He was looking mad in Sonakshi’s love that he mouthed his debut movie’s dialogues for her. He even went on praising her the most claiming no girl of Bollywood could fit well in an Indian saree than Sonakshi.

He said that he still remembered the first trailer of Dabangg on YouTube that enticed him in which Sonakshi dazzled in a saree.

Sonkashi too praised the guy saying he is quite good looking than her. The true lover went ahead in true Dabangg style toward her and again churned out praises for the actress.

Well, seems both are true in love with each other that they cannot help chewing up praises for each other. Well, after enjoying Anushka, the guy is ready to loot this gal…hmmm… he is a Lootera after all. He and Sonakshi are working together in Lootera, and for the promotion, they had come at the launch.

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