Richa Chadda fetched in to do an item number

Mumbai: Item numbers are the demand of today. They are the hot product of today’s entertainment business. The films can now not run if they do not carry any item number along. The hot flavor of the season, an item number plays wonders in shaping a film’s success. If the item number is really hot and supremely churned out carrying the hottest lyrics, the seductress babe and the eye-pleasing cinematography plus heart-hitting choreography – the film is bound to enact wonders at the box office.

This is the main reason that the filmmakers are crazy after the item numbers and they rope in the known and leading babes of Bollywood industry for just an item song since they know if the song runs, the film will bring whopping business. The heavy amount if consumed on the making of the song.

A new babe has been introduced in the business of item songs. Yes, she is none other than the actress of the movie Gangs of Wasseypur, Richa Chadda who has been fetched in Akshay Chaubey’s untilled directorial flick to doll up with an item song.  This is undoubtedly a welcome change for the actress. After doing a drama act in the film, she is now ready for alluring the masses with her dancing moves in the item song. She says that she has thoroughly enjoyed the experience of item number.

Why she went for doing an item number? She says that she agreed doing so because the director asked her to do it. She adds that Akshay is one of the few directors of the industry who has faith in her dancing skills. This would be a pub style item song. It is catchy and instantly grows on the ears. She expresses that she learnt her dancing moves with a couple of hours. She explains that the choreographer has scheduled for eight hours session and she grabbed the skills in the designated session aptly.

The song has been scored by RDB.

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