‘Rowdy’ Organisers Drive Auto Wallas Up The Wall

Nowadays production companies go to any extent to promote their films but making others pay for it seems unfair.

It has been learnt that UTV, the production company producing Rowdy Rathore, had booked about 35 auto rickshaws for a rally. The media had been informed that the promotional event was to start at about 4.30 pm behind the Lokhandwala Complex. Inexplicably  the auto rickshaws were asked to come by  6 am by the production house.

The event, organized to promote what is being touted as the next big hit of 2012, did not start till 5.30 in the evening. The auto drivers were made to wait for the entire day in the scorching heat without proper arrangements for food and drinking water. This kind of  inefficiency was certainly not expected from UTV, one of the biggest production houses of the country.

A fuming and visibly irritated auto driver complained that though the event was not supposed to start till 4.30 he was was asked to arrive by 7 am. He said that they had to wait for the entire day in the burning Mumbai heat. The only thing that the production house had to do was put up posters on their auto rickshaws, which they could have completed even if the auto wallas would have arrived later during the day.

According to another auto walla to make things even worse the production company paid the auto drivers less. According to him, the average amount earned by them per day is around Rs.1200 while UTV managed to pay them only 800 bucks per auto driver. He continued to say that had they not been called so early in the morning they could have easily earned nearly 300 bucks more. A third auto driver went on to say that this was not the first time they had been called upon by a production house for a shoot or a promotional event. The earlier experiences were not half as bad as this one as they has always been provided with the basic amenities, namely food and drinking water.

The auto wallas had to spend their own money to get some food and water for themselves as the production company did not seem bothered by their collective complaints. He said that they had not expected such unsympathetic behaviour from the production house and that they will think twice before agreeing to attend such promotional events again in the future.

Another auto walla said that he had reached the venue by 7.30 in the morning and had been waiting since then in the heat. The production company refused to arrange for either food or drinking water. So they had to arrange for food and water themselves. He went on to say that had he known that the event was scheduled to start at 4.30 in the afternoon he would have reached the venue much later. This experience will surely leave a bitter taste in his mouth. The production house refused to comment on this matter.

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