Rozlyn Khan Goes Topless

Mumbai: There are some in the glamour industry who wish to go topless just to gather some publicity and then there are others who are prepared to do so for a social cause. Talk of Rozlyn Khan and you know she falls in the latter category. The bold and beautiful actress recently went topless for a social cause.

Finding it difficult to place her eh? The ravishing beauty was in news off late for the whistle blower award she received at the 18th Lions Gold Award. Rozlyn was handed over the award by the pretty Divya Dutta. Wondering what was the award for? Well, here comes the interesting part. The actress played a vital role in exposing a drug syndicate on the last New Year eve in India’s fashion capital, India.

The gladrags model shot the topless portfolio to spread awareness against breast cancer. Not only has this actress done this semi nude photo shoot but she also plans to shoot a video which will teach ladies to examine the symptoms of breast cancer themselves.

Rozlyn is planning to call a press conference soon to give a live demo of how to inspect the presence of breast cancer at home using her do-it-yourself procedure.

“I am planning to merge and campaign with NGOs that fight for breast cancer and help the affected women” says Rozlyn Khan.

Brave girl indeed! Lets wish her all the best for her future endeavors both on and off screen.

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