Rubina Ali loses home in fire

Mumbai: The talented and well liked child actress, none other than Rubina Ali did not have such a great week. The actress who appeared in the Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionare has unfortunately lost her home due to a fire that started last night. This major fire destroyed several residences, including the one of the young super star, Rubina Ali.

Talking about this disaster, Rubina Ali said that “I have lost everything including the film memorabilia.” From what we were able to find out so far, it seems that the fire took place late in the night, during which time the actress, who is only 12 years old, was in the house.

The fire that broke out the other night in the Garibnagar slums had quite a few victims, as three persons were injured, and more than one hundred were left without a home. Rubina Ali got the attention of the world after she played Latika in the smashing hit movie Slumdog Millionare in 2008, movie that was awarded with eight Oscars.

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