Sahir Lodhi, the Pakistani Shah Rukh Khan

Sahir Lodhi is a superstar of the Pakistani television industry. He is the star who has pretty much resemblance to the Bollywood biggie Shah Rukh Khan. His style of acting, speaking, his appearance, personality and everything remind the viewers of Shah Rukh Khan. All the time, he is asked by the fans and people that he resembles to Khan a lot. He takes it as a big complement. He denies copying Shah Rukh…yes, to some extent, it is true but when everyone keeps comparing you with someone, you psychologically begin slipping into the personality of that person. The same happens with Sahir Lodhi, the big Pakistani sensation who has millions of fans in Pakistan and across the globe.

Lodhi not only hosts television shows but also anchors radio programs. His show ‘The Sahir Lodhi Show’ is running on the widely popular Pakistani television channel, ‘Geo TV’. The show’s TRP is mammoth and people in particular the girls would love to watch it leaving all works behind.

Sahir has huge fan following. His fan following consists of girls in particular. He is the brother of the famous television morning show host Dr. Shaista Wahidi who also runs her show ‘Good Morning Jago Pakistan’ on Geo TV.

Lodhi’s made his debut on television with his appearance in ‘Chai Time’ on Indus TV. This program instantly turned a big hit among the viewers.

His prominent works include Shair Online, Kuch Tum Kahao Kuch Hum Kahain, Ranjhey Sassi Punoon Heer, Dhorajee, The Sahir Lodhi Show and Morning Masala. His drama serials include Bechrain Gay Abb Kaisay, Bikharnay Say Pehlay, Tum Miyray Ho, Khado Khal, Saheli and Adhoray Khaab.

In addition to showbiz abode, he also runs a foundation called ‘The Sahir Lodhi Foundation’ that works for the benefits of health care, education and other issues which need attention. He has earned a Masters degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Montana.

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