Saif to turn ‘Agent Vinod’ as James Bond

Romantic hero Saif Ali Khan who is romancing onscreen with her lover friend Kareena Kapoor in ‘Agent Vinod’ is mulling over sequel for the film. This film is extremely dear to Saif and he is so much in love with the project that he wants to continue it even further. The film is directed by Sriram Raghavan. Saif is extremely confident and enthusiastic about ‘Agent Vinod’ that even before its release he is readying script for the sequel. Saif, leaving all his other work is concentrating on promos of the film and he already went on record to make ‘Agent Vinod’ as his franchisee for the production house which he owns.

Saifi is so much engrossed in his profession that he even rubbished rumors about his marriage with his lady love Kareena Kapoor. He made it clear that Marriage is on cards only after ‘Agent Vinod’ hits the screens. Saif in his media interactions said that once ‘Agent Vinod’ gets positive reviews and accolades, his sequel will speed up to cash in on to the frenzy of his fans. For the starters ‘Agent Vinod’ is produced by Illuminati Films owned by Saif himself. He wants to turn ‘Agent Vinod’ as Indian James Bond and just like Bond films would like to make sequels on similar lines.

Saif says “Hope so, if the film does well and audiences likes it. If it is popular, then of course we will look forward to making it a series.”. He further adds “It is a big and interesting film so it is bound to be in news be it for the delay or the film getting over-budget. We don’t have to bother about it. The minute the first trailer comes out, nobody thinks why delay…late and all”. Saif signs off saying “Films take time and we were little inexperienced, as we thought we can do it one year. But with the kind of action, the kind of locations we are shooting in, the kind of things we did for the movie…these things took a longer time than I thought of. But it doesn’t matter. As we all are satisfied with the finished product and happy to share it with everyone.”

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