Salman is up against Piracy

Salman Khan has taken up strongly against piracy, ahead of the release of his highly awaited film ‘Ready’ on June 3. The actor did not limit his anti-piracy stand to his films but also his NGO ‘Being Human’s merchandise. Fake merchandise of Being Humanis getting popular in every cities. The actor is miffed that people are actually buying the cheap imitation and letting the pirates make money which should ideally go to his charity. The actor wrote, “Being Human fakes in the market. Humans are selling and humans are buying: inhuman! This bloody piracy is pissing me off now big time, controlling my self, don’t want to loose the plot. You guys should stop buying them.” The Bollywood Hunk also urged his fans to not to buy a pirated cd of his forthcoming film Ready. “Make ‘Ready’ or any movie the biggest flop for the pirates. Aisa karo ke sala business he chaupat ho jaye. (Just kill the business of those pirates)” As the actor has huge fan following, but now its time to see whether they oblige to him or not.

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