Salman Khan invests in and becomes its brand ambassador

Mumbai: Salman Khan is the man who loves churning out headlines and the paparazzi are always after him to grab the chunks for their publications. Well, for adoring the publications, there is latest news as well. Salman Khan has made an investment in, the Gurgaon based online travel enterprise. The reports suggest that the actor has invested five percent stake in the organization. This is a multi-layered deal thus as per the deal, Khan has also turned the brand ambassador of the company. From now onwards, he will be seen in all advertising campaigns of Yatra. Salman will be seen in all marketing campaigns of the travel company as Mr. Yatra in India and USA.

Dhruv Shringi, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the company, has made it confirmed that Bollywood biggie Salman Khan has invested in the company but he did not reveal the amount Salman invested in. He also depicted that Salman was fetched in as the brand ambassador of Yatra. Shringi uttered that the company always wanted to make the expansion to masses so the beginning happened with the like of Salman Khan.

Salman Khan’s NGO Being Human will also be benefited from Khan’s association with the travel company. The company will put a condition on the site for the customers to make a contribution to a token amount to Being Human every time a transaction occurs on the website. On Yatra’s website, the merchandise of Being Human will also be sold.

Salman’s worth as an actor is such high that every brand wants to associate with him. He is a big star and his stardom is mammoth. Yatra will be really benefited after taking him as its brand ambassador. Since the company is high on business, Salman too will be benefited as being the shareholder of it.

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