Salman Khan invites Katrina Kaif at his New Year bash in Dubai

Dubai: It is now getting confirmed that the estranged couple – Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif would love to reunite again in life since they cannot live without each other. Besides they have understood each other quite well. Katrina, after enjoying many muscular arms post leaving Salman, and he too have had joys with many gals – but they at last found that they could live only with each other. No other person in life…!

On the shooting of Ek Tha Tiger, both got close to each other again when Salman took Katrina to make visits of Dublin and Istanbul during the filming. And he has been much caring for her even after the break up. What is all this? Obviously … love! And the same is found with Katrina as she could not leave him even post the split.

Katrina Kaif is in London these days to celebrate the Christmas and New Year Eve with his family. As she has described this trip personal where she does not want any interruption from Bollywood, etc as she likes to enjoy with the family. But now she has to leave the family and like the disturbance. Because this disturbance is from none other than her ex-beau and soon to be new boyfriend (and might be hubby as well) Salman Khan.

Well, as per the reports, Salman Khan has invited Katrina Kaif to celebrate the New Year Eve with him in Dubai. Now she has to cancel the trip to London and rush to Dubai today. Salman is going to throw a lavish bash in Dubai today with his family so he wants the new inclusion Katrina Kaif to this party to be with his family.

2011 has been pretty successful for Katrina Kaif  and the end of the year was on much successful note with ‘Chikni Chameli’ item number that put her to top heights.

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