Salman Khan wants to sell his Land Cruiser, buy it

Mumbai: The things belonging to the mega star like Salman Khan always get the hype and biggest projection in the media and they attain the love from his millions of fans. Well, this time you can have his much in use item if you bid for the same. This is none other than his Toyota Land Cruiser which the actor is going to sell off. Salman is a big car lover and owns many lavish cars. His fleet is laced with the much luxurious vehicles including four BMWs, Mercedes-Benz, a Lexus and an Audi A8.

The latest reports have it that Khan has filed an application before the metropolitan magistrate’s court to have the permission to sell this vehicle (once his most beloved vehicle). This is the same car that crashed into the people sleeping on the pavement in Bandra in September 2002. The incident left one killed and injured four. The magistrate had put the serious charges against the actor but he maintained that it was not intentional rather accidental. It was also reported that the actor was intoxicated at the moment of rush driving.

Now the rumors say that Salman Khan does not want to have this Land Cruiser in his fleet of vehicles since it carries the old dangerous and bitter memories and reminds of him the incident. In addition to this, he has also become fed up with it.

Since the vehicle now is not required to have the trial, Salman Khan wants to sell it off immediately. Now all the car lovers and in particular his crazy fans, you have the opportunity to own this car once driven and loved by your icon. If you want to buy, contact Khan as he wants to hand over to you at soonest. Make your bid and grab it.

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