Salman rescue’s Pritam Chakraborty

Salman Khan goes all out at a press conference for Ready to protect his upcoming movie Ready’s music director, Pritam Chakraborty against the charges of plagiarism. Bollywood hunk Salman Khan is known to bail out his close friends and family members in case they are in a problem. Music composer Pritam who often finds it tough to defend himself whenever he’s been charged publicly regarding his composition, finds a shoulder at the time when he has fallen short of his words to defend himself. Sources revealed, “Pritam has been surrounded by controversies after the music of Ready became a big hit. Recently, Anu Malik called up to congratulate producer Bhushan Kumar for the film’s musical success and added that Mein karoon toh saala resembles a song that he had composed years ago. Another guy accused Pritam of using his lyrics. Someone else said he had apparently, stolen his tune. All this had left the composer very unhappy and disillusioned.” When the press corps repeatedly asked frequent questions to Pritam about plagiarism of ‘Character Dheela Hai’ song, an eye witnessed said, “Before Pritam could gather his thoughts together and think of a proper response, Salman jumped out of his seat and said, ‘Which song has Pritam copied? Aren’t you talking about the lyrics being similar? Don’t you know Pritam hasn’t written the lyrics? Ask the lyricist for the lyrics, not the guy who composed the song.” Pritam would have taken sigh of relief after looking at Salman’s bold reaction to the media.
In the meantime you guys can check out Character Dheela Song Here

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