Salman scares Zarine

Who will not be scared by Salman Khan. Now it is the turn of a new comer to face the music. Upcoming star and hot bomb Zarine Khan who is hoping to make big in bollywood sacrificed an item song scared off bollywood bad boy Salman Khan. Zarine after trying hard landed herself in a position to do an item song in ‘Zillaparishad’ that stars even Vivek Oberoi. A source close to the star says “Zarine has been sending out feelers that she wants to do item songs, as she needs the money to buy a house. When good friend Maanayata Dutt heard that Zarine was on the lookout, she spoke to hubby Sanjay Dutt and got her one in his next film ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’. Maanayata spoke to Sanju’s business manager Dharam Oberoi and got her a decent fee (30 lakh) for it. Zarine loved the song and agreed to do it.”.. Again an insider adds  “When Zarine heard about Vivek, she got scared. She owes her career to Salman. He turned her from a background dancer into a leading lady. She felt he wouldn’t approve of her associating with Vivek in any capacity.” No one needs any reminder that Salman till now did not forgive Vivek Oberoi for the press conference he addressed 9yrs ago in which he alleged that Salman threatened to kill him coming to his house and also for making phone calls. Though Vivek later apologised for him he never bothered to forgive him. Zarine, a budding star as she is doesn’t want to face the wrath of a top star like Salman Khan which will have dire consequences on her filmy career. So she waked out of her item song “Main Chamiya No 1” keeping in view of her longer career interests in the highly lucrative glamor field like bollywood.

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