Salman wants to be paid one-rupee more than SRK. Is this plain ego?

The rivalry between Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan is nothing new. The two have been arch enemies for quite sometime now. However, while in most cases, time plays the miracle-doctor and heals the wounds of personal conflicts, what is being seen in this case is a growing ego-clash between the two. As per the latest reports coming out from the Bollywood villa, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ actor Salman Khan has demanded a rupee more than what the producers are paying SRK for his romantic flick with Katrina & Anushka.

This news arrives at a time when Shahrukh has already begun shooting for his romantic venture while Salman’s action-romance has almost been shot fully.

Clash of the ego

The reports suggest that even before Salman was signed for the film, he had laid his conditions blatantly. He wanted a greater fee that what they (Chopras) were paying to SRK. Since, his last 3 flicks (Dabangg, Ready & Bodyguard) have all made a whopping Rs 100-crore plus at the box office, Salman had asked for a fat remuneration including a staggeringly high fee and a certain percentage of box-office profits. Not willing to let go of the golden goose, Aditya Chopra had managed to assure Salman that he would be paid handsomely. While his demand for a sum that’s just a rupee-more than SRK’s fee doesn’t make any monetary difference between the two, the same 1-rupee does, indeed, script a great tale of an ego clash.

Salman’s Talaash for Aamir’s fee

Reportedly, all the 3 Khans are being paid Rs 15 crore as fixed remuneration (other than a fixed percentage share of profits). Interestingly, Salman has also probed into the fee-structure of Aamir who is doing ‘Dhoom 3’ for the Chopras.

Such cases of ego clash over fee have even haunted film-makers from the past. Manmohan Desai had to face such a dilemma during his ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ days when Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna were waging personal battles. Interestingly, Amitabh emerged victorious in that race and walked off with a fatter cheque. It’s to be seen, who wins the money-war this time around. Will it be Salman, SRK or the Midas man Aamir?

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