Sanjay Dutt – Bipasha Basu to Star in a Bengali Film Remake

Kolkata: Bipasha Basu and Sanjay Dutt will be seen together in Hindi version of a Bengali film which will be a thriller and is based on wildlife creatures.  Sanjay Dutt is in the lead role and he portrays the character of a scientist responsible for creating a genetically enhanced crocodile and lets it loose in the water. This crocodile has individual intelligence same as that of dolphins and so is more intractable with humans.

The name of this wildlife thriller film in Hindi will be ‘Gehra Pani’ and it is being directed by the veteran director Nitish Roy. Nitish Roy has already won three National Film Awards as a director and is famous for his sc-fi thrillers in the Bengali film industry. This film is being produced by Avik Bagchi, owner of Prayag Group. Though Avik Bagchi if first time producer he hasn’t left any stone unturned and is trying his best to make this film a success. Avik revealed that they have decided to shoot for this movie at the film studio in the Junglemahal area of Midnapore district of West Bengal. He even went on to the extent of revealing the budget of the movies. As both the Hindi and the Bengali movie are being produced under the same banner, they have set on a budget of 25 crores for both the movies.

Avik said that they have already created a giant crocodile of 100 foot in length using CGI and pyrotechnics at the film studio in Junglemahal and have already started shooting for the Bengali version of the film. The Bengali version of this film is named as ‘Jole Jongole’ and has Mithun Chakraborty in the lead as the mad scientist alongside Tinnu Anand and Ashish Vidyarthi. Both the films have a long shooting schedule and some parts of the movies will be shot in the forests of Sunderbans aswell. Both the Hindi and the Bengali versions of the movie is expected to be released in 2013.

Nitish Roy has even written the script of these movies along with Bebaditya Dutta. Roy who has already worked as an art director in the 2002 released horror movie ‘Crocodile 2: Death Swamp’ (which too based on the same backdrop), said that he had the idea of such a film since then only but couldn’t implement on it for the past 10 years as this is a risky genre and no producer was willing to take the risk. But now after getting a producer for his film, he will make this film of a level that would match up with the Hollywood.

The Hindi version of this film which starts Sanjay Dutt in lead will be higher in ‘masala’ content in compare to the Bengali version to suit the audiences. But the Bengali version will be no less as it is for the first time that such level of technologies are being used in a Bengali film and so expectations will definitely go up.

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