Sanjay Dutt doesn’t give dates to Zilla Ghaziabad

Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt’s movie ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’ is being awaited much by his fans but the actor is not giving the dates for shooting his spell of scenes. This obviously suffers the film and the release date has now been postponed but the producer is now reluctant to announce the new date since he is waiting the shooting to get complete first.

Sanjay Dutt is playing the role of a cop in this gang war film. The sources reveal that the actor was to give his dates for the film’s shooting by the end of April, 2012 post his shooting spell of another movie in Patiala. But he is silent and now the month of June is going on but Sanjay Dutt’s arrival on the sets is being awaited by the director, producer and the unit members. The insiders blame his former manager Dharam Oberoi (Sanjay fired him after the brawl between Ram Gopal Verma and Sanjay Dutt oozed out because of him) for all the troubles. The insiders say that due to the mismanagement of Oberoi, the dates’ issue is happening now. The sources say that the film’s shooting is almost complete but only three days shooting is left and in this shooting, Sanjay Dutt’s is required.

Dharam has promised the producer to give Sanjay’s dates in May but he gave priorities to Department (as he was the line producer of the movie) which was why Zilla Ghaziabad suffered. Now Dharam is no longer associated with the macho man Sanjay Dutt.

Sanjay Dutt’s role in the film has now enhanced and when Sanju Baba heard it, he got thrilled. Now the shooting required 15 days.  Previously Vinod Bachchan had to release the movie in July but now he has to focus on fresh date. Hope now the actor will endow the producer with shooting dates.

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