Sanjay Dutt utters ‘mind your own business’

Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt, who churns out mammoth stuff written on him nowadays, is waiting for the bigger release of the upcoming Agneepath. Everyone is talking about his villainous role in Agneepath but he is a father too. Many people have been asking him about her elder daughter Trishala Dutt’s entering into films. Sanjay responds, saying, that she can join in every field she likes to and get success in the same. Why only movies?

He reveals that his father late Sunil Dutt was much strict about family’s women entering into the world of entertainment. Dutt depicted that his father never allowed his daughter to enter into films. So how can he allow his daughter to join films since he has the same blood like his father?

Sanjay utters that Trishala is at liberty to join any field except films. When asked, what she was doing? He said that she was busy becoming a police officer and the best thing is that she made Sanju learn to be a cop.

Dutt says that many people in his surroundings always issue him pieces of advices to give training tips for educating kids. He expresses that when he hears them, he becomes like ‘mind your own business, guys’. Sanju expresses why they keep on giving advices – why they don’t keep their stuff to them and to their kids? He mentions that he knows how to educate and grow the children?

On Agneepath, he chips in that they all did huge hard work and no one copied anyone from the original movie. The entire cast including he did their own stuff directed by the director Karan Malhotra. Sanjay denies all rumors which say he copied Danny’s style in the film. He says that Karan’s Kancha (villain) is unique. Hrithik Roshan plays the main lead along with Priyanka Chopra in the movie.

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