Satyamev Jayate 2nd Episode – Break the Silence!!

Another shocking issue unraveled by Aamir Khan on the show about less-talked about Child Sexual Abuse. Parents always believed that a child is safest at home, but if home turns out to be the place that torments or haunts their children, then where do we turn our heads.

Tears kept on flowing as the stories of agonized and painful incidents bore by victims kept on disentangling. According to a survey conducted in 2007, there were 53 percent of children who were sexually abused at a very young age and it embodies both the genders.Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Assam and Delhi had reported the highest percentage of such incidents at that the time of the survey.

The survivors who came forward and unfolded the grave and afflicting truth of their lives were Cinderlla Prakash and Harish Iyer. Cindrella bore the abusive torments by a 55 year old relative of her, at the age of 12.She could not divulge the truth to her parents, only seeked to running away from the abuser every time he stepped into her house. On the other hand was Harish, who endured his suffering for 11 year span and was traumatized to the core. He tried disclosing it to his mother but was shunned to stay silent as his mother thought about what the world would say. She now regrets why she didn’t she pay heed earlier which could have saved up her child’s years which were meant to be memorable but were made horrid by a certain relative who not only molested Harish alone but also brought along others and all Harish could do was stay mum. But one day he accumulated all his courage and with a sudden adrenaline rush blurted out a big “No” which was the end to the torturing times he had been through.

The flabbergasting fact was that out of the 53.22 % sexually abused children,53 % were boys.In maximum cases the abuser is someone close to the family and they very smartly play their moves so as no one gets to know their filthy crime.

Anuja Gupta of NGO RAHI (Recovering and Healing from Incest) stated the reasons as to why children don’t speak up against such maltreatment, it is because parents on one hand say that they are keeping an open forum for their children to tell them anything, and on the other hand, they themselves don’t talk about such things.

Nishit Kumar of the agency Childline, talked about the Anchorage shelter case which is being battled in courts since last 11 years and even reveals another dumbfounding fact that there are no laws under the Indian Constitution dealing with Child Abuse and there are many loopholes in the judicial machinery.

There were more victims who spoke of their agony on AV and shared how their haunting past has affected their present lives. The surprising revelation by experts was that the abuser sub-consciously thinks that he is not committing any crime and the child knows what is happening with him/her and also enjoys.

Towards the end, as Aamir had promised in the beginning of the show that the latter part of the show must be watched by the youngies even if the former being very hard-hitting for young minds shouldn’t be, there was a workshop ,with children youngest being 5 and oldest being 10 years, educating them about “Good Touch, Bad Touch” via means of diagrams with three danger areas on their bodies being-chest,between the legs and bottom. He gave them pointers and asked them to confide their trust in someone whom they can trust implicitly and ask them to be their “Bodyguard”, scream if they feel they are in danger and run to the nearest safe place where they can seek shelter in times of danger.

There is a bill underlying in the Parliament and still to become a law, Aamir appealed to the masses to give him support in pleading the Government to pass the law of Protection of Children From Sexual Offences Bill in Parliament and pledge their support against child sex abuse.

Sri Devi who was the inspirational star that had positive effects on the survivor Harish Iyer and helped him pass those years of excruciating pain both mentally as well as physically, along with his German Sheperd dog, pleasantly surprized Harish and his each reaction was eye-pleasing. She also signed the letter which Aamir would send to the Parliament, requesting to pass the Bill as soon as possible.

Throughout as the show was going on,the live tweets on Twitter kept pinging in. Some are:

11:07 AM: This episode of #SatyamevJayate is based on sexual abuse of children. #childsexabuse.

11:09 AM: The heartbreaking story of Anamika, who was sexually abused by her teacher in #SatyamevJayate.

11:12 AM: A study found that 53.22% of children reported having faced one or more forms of sexual abuse.

11:15 AM: Aamir listens to the shocking story of Cinderella Prakash, abused by 55-year-old man she trusted when she was 12.

11:21 AM: The brave Cinderella Prakash finds the strength to sing & laugh through her trial. Coming up: A man describes his torment.

11:27 AM: 53% of children who went through child sexual abuse were boys.

11:33 AM: Horrific story of Harish Iyer (@hiyer) who was sodomized as a young boy. He was threatened into silence by his tormentor.

11:36 AM: Harish (@hiyer) found help from an unusual friend – German Shepherd dog. Abused for 11 years.

11:37 AM: Saying ‘No’ is important. @hiyer found the courage to say ‘No’ after 11 years.

11:42 AM: A mother admits her mistake on national television of not taking her son Harish Aiyer seriously when he complained of being abused sexually.

11:50 AM: Anuja Gupta of NGO RAHI (Recovering and Healing from Incest) talks of the child psychology behind keeping silent about abuse.

11:52 AM: RAHI’s @AnujaGupta: Trust your child, apologise to your child for letting this happen under your watch, listen to your child.

11:58 AM: Paedophiles cannot be recognised, but there are always warning signs, says Dr Rajat Mitra.

12:01 PM: Childline’s (1098) Nishit Kumar now speaks of a landmark case and double victimisation of children.

12:04 PM: Aamir appeals to people to press the government to pass the Protection of Children From Sexual Offences Bill in Parliament.

12:10 PM: Aamir’s workshop with children. “What’s the opposite of danger/khatra?” “Atra!” What does that even mean?? 😀

12:12 PM: Aamir deals with the sensitive issue with kids, explaining it in a language they would relate to and understand.

12:16 PM: “Jab life ho out of control, Bodyguard ko bol ke dol!” Are kids watching this? A valuable lesson to recognise sex predators.

12:26 PM: Aamir Khan fulfills Harish Iyer’s wish. Sridevi arrives with a gift for @hiyer.

12:30 PM: This @hiyer is in knots over meeting Sridevi in person, cute 🙂

The 13 episode series is awakening humane emotions in all, and next week there is more to come.

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