Shah Rukh Khan pays just Rs. 100 as fine

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan, King if Bollywood, has eventually paid the fine for smoking in public. Khan landed into news when a case was reregistered against him for smoking at a public place. He got pleaded guilty and on Wednesday, August 1st, he agreed to pay the fine and paid it. This way he succeeded in ending the legal trouble he was facing.

Reports have it that the court in Jaipur city pronounced its judgment on a petition which had been filed against the star saying that Shah Rukh Khan got pleaded guilty for his act of smoking in public. Subsequently the court then asked the star to pay the fine i.e. Rs. 100. Shah Rukh Khan’s counsel then said to the court that the actor was all set to pay the fine. Court gave the actor relaxation by exempting him from personal appearance at the court and allowing him to pay the fine through his counsel. Well, it is much tiny fine even the cost of Khan’s cigarette’s packet is higher than the fine.

The petition was filed against the superstar by Anand Singh, who is the owner of the Jaipur Cricket Academy. Shah Rukh smoked the cigarettes at the stadium in Jaipur on Aapril 8th during an IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders.

Shah Rukh Khan has been under problems these days due to his quarrels with other stars of the industry. And now he is on way to construct his relationships with his fellow stars since he knows that he is getting lonely in the fraternity. Recently he was at Hrithik Roshan’s house from where he went straight to Amitabh Bachchan’s home to meet Abhishek, Aishwarya and their daughter.

Due to Priyanka Chopra, he is also in troubles with wife and to get his relationship on track, he spent vacations in London with family.

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