Shah Rukh Khan supports Saahil’s Someday

Mumbai: The mega Khans of Bollywood – Salman Khan, Shah Rukh khan and Aamir Khan are known for their generosity. Whenever they adopt anything, they support to their level best. And now Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood and superstar, has now adopted the dream launch for Saahil Prem’s Someday. Khan is supporting fully to Saahil’s debut film.

Shah Rukh Khan is a close friend and well wisher of Saahil and this is the reason that he has adopted the musical film. He has personally been looking after all the business activities and everything about the film by himself – no matter in between the IPL matches came and no matter if the shooting of Yash Chopra’s directed film came in. He is currently filming for YRF’s untitled movie opposite Katrina Kaif in London but from there, he has been continuously keeping an eye on the movie’s post production work.

The reports have it that Khan even sat with the top studios and music companies to make it sure that the flick, Someday – India’s first musical international film, gets its right place. The fact remains whenever Shah Rukh Khan adopts anything, he supports till thoroughly till the end.

The film is being churned out by Paanch Rupaiya Barah Aaana Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Leading Khans of Hindi cinema are really generous. Aamir Khan recently was invited by a rickshaw driver to attend his son’s wedding and he specially took time out to attend the marriage ceremony. Salman Khan’s too widely does the charitable works and his NGO ‘Being Human’ too has been involved in supporting the poor.

All these three Khans are always busy with the shootings and other works but they take the time out especially for charitable works. This is really a good sign and the others who are in the position must really follow them up.

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