Shahid Kapoor breaks silence: Speaks on Priyanka Chopra and unemployment

Actor Shahid Kapoor, who has been keeping a low profile for quite some time, gave the hungry cameras and mikes a bit of himself this Monday as he arrived at an event for the launch of a car. Shahid appeared in a good mood and indulged in a bit of chitchat with the media personnel as they bombarded him about questions relating to his professional and personal life. And yes, Sasha was all game! Shahid spoke of his current state of unemployment citing that right now he is not having any film on his hand. He stated that making announcements about the film is something that his producers are best at doing. But he went on to add that he is unemployed at the moment. “All I can say is I don’t have any films right now. So right now I am unemployed.” But he did remind everyone that the second half of the year will be a hectic one since at that time he will definitely be doing more than just a couple of films. For instance, one of them is a flick made by Kunal Kohli that stars Priyanka Chopra opposite him. Speaking of Priyanka, the paparazzi goes on a lip-smacking mood the moment Shahid is associated with her. After all, the two have recently had a whirlwind romance (though, of course, they didn’t admit it openly but were caught by the tax officials one morning at Chopra’s house). So, coming back to the event, Shahid didn’t quite back out of any question shot at him but chose his words carefully when speaking of Priyanka. In a diplomatic manner, he explained that the film’s concept is based on 3 different time periods and it is a romantic comedy starring him and Priyanka who, he said, is a nice & amazing co-star with a good onscreen chemistry. “Priyanka is a fun co-star and we share a good chemistry,” is what he said. And after the serious moustache look in Papa Pankaj Kapur’s ‘Mausam’, Shahid was back to his chocolaty boyish looks. With ruffled up hair and clean shaven, milky white face…..Ah, just looking at him felt delicious!!!

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