Shahid Kapoor escaped a major accident

There was panic on the sets of Mausam last Saturday following multiple accidents. First, lead actor Shahid Kapoor had a miraculous escape when a Ferris-wheel came crushing down towards him, injuring his arm. Then, the car that carried the doctor, who attended him, rammed into a bike. As if that’s not enough, two lightmen were injured when a rostrum holding them snubbed. Narrating the accident, a source said, “Yes, Shahid is injured and has hurt his right shoulder and arm. But it could`ve been worse. If he hadn`t moved out in time his face would`ve taken the brunt. Pankajji just couldn`t move. He was transfixed staring at his son. Shahid kept assuring everyone he was fine until the doctor arrived.” Producer Sheetal Talwar said, “It was a nightmare for all of us. And I’d rather not talk about it. Miraculously, Shahid was saved. No, it wasn’t the whole Ferris wheel; just one of the boxes came loose.”

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