Shahid Kapoor reacts to spicy stories about his affair with Anushka

Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor, who recently announced that he did not have any work to do nowadays, is being seen much active on Twitter after the failure of his father’s Mausam at the box office. A renowned tabloid had published a spicy story on the alleged love affair between Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma last year. The tabloid drew the whole picture of the incident as to how did Shahid get cozy with Sharma among the guests at a bash and then took her to the other room where locked lips with her quite passionately. Shahid had denied chipping in words on the issue when the media asked about the incident but later he issued his reaction furiously on the micro blogging site.

Shahid seemed quite angry over the tabloid and the spicy story published in it while talking to fans on the site recently. He mentioned that there had to be the limits to everything. Kapoor said he really felt bad after reading the scandalous story about a girl who was from a respectable family.

On a question as to why he chose the platform of twitter for his reaction, he said that it was the best platform to show his anger. He uttered that he had a number of fans on the micro blogging site and whatever he said there had come right from his heart and was meant for his fans only.

Apart from Anushka, Shahid was also linked to Priyanka Chopra since the days of the shooting of Kaminey. A number of stories about their love affair were published in the entire media was abuzz about the affair but he did not react to it. So what meaning one should take out of it? Well, Shahid, who did a movie with Priyanka now directed by Kunal Kohli, now says Priyanka is a great friend and a brilliant co-star.

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