Shahrukh Khan and Angelina Jolie: A Night to Remember

From Lady Gaga to Paris Hilton to Akon, we have witnessed a number of international stars gracing the shores of India in the bygone year. And it looks like now it is the turn of our own tinsel town celebs to reach out to their western counterparts. And who better than the mega star Shahrukh Khan to bring some more laurels and limelight to this beautiful world of Bollywood?

So, the news has it that ‘Ra One’ actor Shahrukh Khan is all set to rub shoulders with the lady with a mighty heart. Come February and the tabloid is likely to go berserk as SRK has a rendezvous with Hollywood’s Angelina Jolie. Though, the interaction between the Bollywood and Hollywood stars is no longer a rarity, it is not often that the two biggest stars from two different corners come together.

Reportedly, Shahrukh will be interacting with Angelina during the Berlin International Film Festival that will be held between February 9th to 19th.  The King Khan, of course, will attend the event to promote his recent B-town release ‘Don 2’ which has received some adulations for the slick pace action sequences and a powerful performance by Shahrukh. Interestingly, Berlin was one of the chief locations where the film has been shot and so it is only the completion of a full circle as the film goes back to the city.

“The team of Don 2, including Shah Rukh, Priyanka, Farhan and me are going to be there between Feb 8 and 9,” confirms producer Ritesh Sidhwani.

Meanwhile, Angelina will attend the prestigious film festival to showcase her directorial debut ‘Land of Blood and Honey’ that has triggered massive interest in the film fraternity. Shahrukh admires Angelina for her work ethics and her impressive CV and we are sure, after having some chitchat with the ‘King’, Brad Pitt’s muse too will have some great things to say about the one whose name is ‘Khan’.

Surely, as the two superstars walk out under the starry sky amidst the dazzling cameras, for the fans & the media, it will be a night to remember.

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