Shahrukh Khan wants a spot for Ganguly

Durban: the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders’, also the Bollywood King, Shahrokh Khan gave us some news today. SRK will try to find a role for Sourav Ganguly in his IPL team. The former India skipper remained unsold after the auction, and is now feeling under the weather.

Ganguly lead the team in the last edition of the IPL, and then suffered a shock, as not even one of the ten franchisees that showed up at the two-day auction was interested in buying him. Shahrukh Khan says he would love to have Ganguly as an integral part of his team, and finished adding he will speak to Dada as soon as he gets back.

When the fans of Ganguly heard that their favorite has not been sold, they made a huge protest and burnt down Khan’s effigies in Kolkata.

SRK avoided talking to the press about the possible reasons why no one was interested in the player. He only said he cannot talk on behalf of the other buyers, and insisted that there were 400 players from which to choose.

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