Sharukh turns Salman, Angry with Hrithik

King Khan of bollywood Salman Khan turned brand ambassador for a undergarment company. Fans can love watching him on small screen screens putting on a vest and showing his fabulous six pack body he maintained for so long years eversince his Om Shanti Om days. Person who sot his ad says “His 6-pack abs were an achievement of sorts. He showed that Shah Rukh could do it, too! And he hasn’t let himself go after that. First he was a first-class romantic, now he is also fit and fine and classy!”. Comparing the three Khans of Bollywood he says “They all three are brilliant in their own way. It really depends on the demographics of your target audience.”
Well the moment anyone turns Salman,adrenaline will be running high and it seems same is happening with Sharukh as he is furious and fuming over Hrithik Roshan. According to grapewine he is simmering with anger over Hrithik’s reported tweet about his wife Gauri saying that there was something afoot with Gauri and that she was all set to give the actresses a run for their money also fuelled thoughts. Sharukh is also not amused with the book Hrithik presented to him which deals with how to quit smoking. He feels in a way Hrithik is insulting him. It is known that Sharukh’s daughter Suhana did not approve him of his smoking but Hrithik can’t say the same thing as Sharukh’s daughter.

Now a days to win the hearts of all and become the most desirable man, one need not be all saints. One should have tinge of rough and tough in shades as was the case with Bollywood Badshah. People may not realize that but our film stars realized it soon and youth who are worshipping them are always one step ahead of all.

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