Sheena Chohan turns sad leaving BPL

Bangladesh: Sheena Chohan is now utterly sad to say goodbye to BPL (Bangladesh Premiere League), which happens to be a true blasting league of her career. Sheena, who has been the host and face of the BPL, says that she is too sad to bid adieu to the league that ends on 29th February.

When asked whether she has now learnt to throw a fast ball or googly, she responds that she has actually learnt the art of cricket. She goes on saying that she can now safely and proudly utter that she has now potential to join in the men in the game, as she now knows the game well and can judge the speed and average of the players.

BPL provided Sheena with the brilliant experience of making her connection directly with the audiences and also endowed her with the opportunity to have experiences to cherish later in life. Ms. Chohan also expresses that she has really learnt so much about the game and from the people out there that she does not have the words to express her true feelings.

She adds that she has learnt the rule – sharing is caring. About the people of Bangladesh, she says that they are really warm and welcoming. Sheena tells that she loves the hospitality she received here. She unzipped that whatever she needed was provided her instantly and even before her asking for the same. Sheena Chohan then reveals that she is much honored after working with the world class professionals at BPL. She utters that she would carry all the imprints of the magical experience of BPL along and she would be cherishing them forever.

Sheena’s colleagues took care of her brilliantly and she admires this gesture of them. Sheena has now become a true lover of the game of cricket.

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