Shilpa Agnihotri tests positive for drugs

Mumbai: Shilpa Agnihotri, the famed TV actress, is amongst the 86 people whose test came positive for taking the drugs at the high profile rave party in the lavish hotel in Mumbai. In May earlier this year, these people were caught by police when the cops raided at the hotel in Juhu.

Shilpa, who even held the press conference with her husband, clearing that they (she and her husband) did not take the drugs at the party. But now the results have come in which she is shown as a drug consumer. A police officer confirms the report but does not name the drug which she consumed at the party.

There were 90 people caught at the rave party and 86 of them tested positive, as per the reports of the police. The rave party was held at the Oakwood Premier Hotel in Juhu on May 20th. Among those who consumed drugs at the party included Rahul Sharma, Wayne Parnell, Apurva Agnihotri (Shilpa’s husband), Parth Sharma, Amit Gaur, Anshuman Jha, Rocky S, Bishan Singh Bedi’s son Angad Bedi and many others.

After the police raided at the hotel on May 20th, they held 90 people over there including the foreigners. They all were released later after the police took their urine and blood samples. And now the test reports have come which show that 86 out of them tested positive for drugs. The drugs which were consumed included cannabis, cocaine and MDMA (ecstasy drug – taken as a pill).

The ones who tested negative include two persons – Amrit Sagar and Rahul Sughand. The music, which police took into custody, included 4000 tracks which have been seized from DJs. Police say 95 percent is trance music. Police also arrested the hotel’s director Handa. Well, let’s wait to see how Shilpa Agnihotri responds now.

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